Casa Natal Arizona Resort Casino Review

The Casa Natal buffet casino is a spectacular place that truly provides for a full-service casino experience with all the delectable delights you would desire. The newly remodeled casino is indeed one of the best places in Arizona to dine out on a budget. Not only do you get to dine at some of the finest restaurants and cafes in town, you can also dine at such elegant buffets as these at some of the most beautiful settings. For instance, there is the Sanctuary Suites by W resort where guests are treated to an outdoor garden-style restaurant. This is a wonderful venue to celebrate your get-together with friends and family.

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Casa Natal Buffet Arizona is not just about delectable food. The recently remodeled casino also offers a whole new way to enjoy your favorite casino games. It is true what they say about a second chance to win. In the buffet, you will be treated to an array of high quality table games such as blackjack and roulette, craps, baccarat, and the ever popular house games such as card games. There is also the chance to participate in various casino tournaments such as the World Series of Poker, the World Championship of Online Slots, the World Series of Blackjack, and the World Series of Poker. Guests who dine at the Casa Natal buffet can expect to have a chance to win phenomenal prizes.

In addition to having a full-service buffet, the Casa Natal Arizona Resort Casino also offers guests a unique experience that many diners won’t find anywhere else. Known as the Wildfire Grill, it is a unique take on an old-fashioned grill stand that gives guests the opportunity to indulge in some fantastic gourmet foods while enjoying live music. Guests can also enjoy the opportunity to sit back and relax with drinks in hand or grab a couple of beer mugs to share with the friends in their party.

Guests of the buffet casino Arizona resort can also enjoy delectable cuisine from one of the top chefs of Las Vegas. The world-renowned chef, Kevin Mahoney, is responsible for creating a variety of entrees that are sure to please even the most discriminating palate. Guests can opt for a classic steak dinner, an award-winning pasta meal or even a deluxe three-course meal consisting of five different appetizers, an open bar, a main course, five entrees, and a dessert. Everything can be prepared by the talented Mahoney using fresh local and seasonal ingredients.

In addition to delectable cuisine, Casa Natal Arizona Resort Casino also offers guests a unique experience in the form of the “Scottsdale Symphony Orchestra.” This exciting ensemble features professional musicians that perform nightly in the hotel’s foyer or even in its central park setting. During the performances, which occur around the clock, live music is piped into the hotel’s 16th Street passage. Entertainment at the casino…

If you are interested in playing card games, the buffet at Casa Natal Arizona Resort Casino is perfect for you and your friends. You can choose from a variety of scrumptious appetizers, salads, pasta dishes, entrees, soups, and desserts. Guests who are interested in more than just playing card games can try one of the newly remodeled guestrooms where they can dine and unwind while they relax after a day of hard work. You should definitely consider adding the “Scottsdale” to your list of vacation destinations.